Saturday, January 22, 2011


It s my famous song.. ill be updating more albums ...
The VENGABOYS have announced through their official YouTube Channel that their new single and music video will be released in the United Kingdom May of this year.

“Release dates for other countries aren’t set in stone yet,” they say, “but it’s gonna be available worldwide for sure.”

The sound and style of their new song is said to match the style of their old music, but with an updated twist. They promise that fans will be “satisfied in all possible dimensions.”

“Think ’2010 space age disco bliss’”, they say on their YouTube channel. “Addictive lyrics and big Venga-sounds you can’t resist. It’s a little too soon to share the title, but we CAN tell you it’s about personal freedom and interplanetary travel..”

The Vengaboys are very excited about the release of their new music video, which has been shot in London and L.A. They reveal that they are not alone in the video, and that there is a “head exploding” cameo performance in the video by a UK #1 and US Top 10 recording artist. Any idea who it might be?

“Joining us in the song as well as the video is the world’s most notorious (and we think loveable) media personality,” teases the Vengaboys on their official MySpace.

Rumour has it that the upcoming single will be called “Rocket to Uranus“, though it has not been officially confirmed as of yet.

Over the years the members of the Vengaboys project has changed a lot. It can now be confirmed that the members returning this year are: Kim, Denice, Robin and Ma’Donny.

Stay tuned for more Venga updates as we get them!

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